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Chikara Ki Ryu

Allan A. Zarbock

Yon-Dan / 4th Degree Black Belt


I began my Chikara Ki Ryu training in 1978 under Steven Stone. My apprenticeship under Mr. Stone lasted until 1985. From 1984 - 1989, I trained in the art of Ninjutsu under Darryl Caldwell (a personal student of Steven Hayes). From 1998 to the present time I have been continuing my Chikara Ki Ryu training under the instruction of Richard Reinhardt.

Chikara Ki Ryu Bujitsu

A Brief History: Chikara Ki Ryu is a rare, traditional Japanese martial arts system that has evolved over a span of nearly three hundred years. The system is not credited to one founder. It is better noted that Chikara Ki Ryu is a wealth of knowledge that continues to be accumulated by the masters of each generation. The ranking system consists of seven kyus (colored belts) and Five Dan (degrees of black belt).

Chikara Ki Ryu is a self protection system that emphasizes relaxation, breathing, balance, and posture to utilize the energy of the entire body. It encompasses various striking techniques in combination with a series of (but not limited to) wrist / arm locks, sweeps, and throws. In addition, some instruction may include traditional weapons training: nunchaku, bo, hanbo, kuboton, manriki-gusari, tanto, and katana.

Chikara Ki Ryu is not a sport. Furthermore, it does not focus on kata, repetition or rote memorization of prearranged sequences of techniques. Training in Chikara Ki Ryu emphasizes clean, proper technique in order to be spontaneous while adapting to any confrontation that life may present (real or within ones mind).

Chikara Ki Ryu not only provides a means of self protection, but awakens students to self awareness. Students learn to take a good solid look within to discover who they are. In turn, they discover their strengths and limitations. Most important, they learn to adapt or cope with the limitations they cannot rise above.

Overview of training Philosophy: Training in Chikara Ki Ryu is generally based on two sets of three principles:

1. Feel, being, and imagination (Mental / Spiritual aspects)

2. Breathing, balance, and relaxation ( Physical / Body aspects)

Chikara Ki Ryu is more than a system of self protection. This art serves many functions, but the most notable are the following:

Relaxation / stress relief

Immovable and balanced spirit

Ability to face the challenges of life with confidence

Power and stability of inner strength

healing of body / spirit

Taking a look within (to discover self)

Goal setting

Unfortunately, many people tend to navigate clear of things they do not understand, especially if they centered on a philosophy that is foreign to them. To ease the mind, I will dispel a few myths that are far from the truth:

Chikara Ki Ryu has nothing to do with any form of religion or cult.

The participants in Chikara Ki Ryu do not have to shave their heads and eat nothing but brown rice.

There is nothing mystical about Chikara Ki Ryu, and its philosophy is not based on superstition.

One does not sit in a circle an chant.

For Chikara Ki Ryu to have a positive effect in an individuals life, one does not have to dedicate a vast portion of his or her life to training.

One does not have to posses outstanding athletic ability in order to benefit from Chikara Ki Ryu training.

Chikara Ki Ryu is not about being a tough guy.


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