Donít Be A Dropout!

Grandmaster Rodney Lacey

10th Dan - Des Moines, Iowa

We have all talked to people who at one time or another in their lives have studied a martial art but have not kept up with it.

Most people seem to stop training at the lower ranks when they donít have as much time, sweat, and money invested in their training.

Still others stop after attaining a black belt, believing that the black belt is the goal. NOT SO, IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

Mr. Doug Boal likens training to school. The ranks below black belt being elementary and middle school and the black belt ranks being high school and college.

It doesnít end at black belt. It is a lifetime pursuit, a way of life.


Here are some ideas that may help you in your journey;

1. Set up goals with rewards. Example - 1st goal -- pass your green belt test, go to a movie. 2nd goal - pass your black belt test, go to dinner and buy a new uniform. Goals and rewards will be different for everyone so have some fun with it.

2. donít be in a hurry, pace yourself. For the martial arts to become PART of your life, you canít give up everything else.

3. Make practice part of your daily routine. Work around your daily functions and activities.

4. donít compare yourself to others in your class. It is not a competition to see who can do better.

The only TRUE competition should be against yourself -- to do better today than you did yesterday.