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Hall of Fame Award


 On December 5, 2003, the Northeast region of the United States  was preparing for a  crippling snow storm that would shut down schools and close airports.  I, on the other hand, was on my  way by car to 70 degree weather of Orlando, Florida.
 Earlier in the year I received a letter of Induction into The Florida Cosmopolitan Hall of Fame as "Grandmaster of The Year".  The distinguished honorees, the grandour of The Gaylord Palms, and the receiving of a generous sized award, all provide for a wonderful memory I will carry with me for a long time.
 Although trophies, awards, and other recognition are a wonderful addition to our careers in the Martial Arts, they certainly should not stand out as the real treasures of the Martial Arts.  The real treasures are not what you can hang on a wall or place on a shelf, but rather, that which is within us, yet visible by others, by what they see in us as Martial Atrist. 
 The treaures I am talking about are the treasures instilled in us by our Instructors: the discipline to push ourselves harder, the desire to be the best we can, approaching difficult situations with a positive attitude,  or respect for others.  These things should become a part of the fabric of our very being and a part of every activity we persue.  What we learn in the school may very well affect how we function and handle our affairs for the rest of our lives.  As others see our approach to life, they may wonder about the degree of our success.  Perhaps the root of our success lies within what we learned from our Martial Arts training, and we should not be timid about making this known.
 What's behind an award?  I Think we all need to answer this for ourselves.  For me, it represents a milestone I have reached in my life as well as what I achieved in the Martial Arts.  It stands as a testamony as to what kind of a person I am.  It means "live what we teach".  The further up the ladder we go within our individual styles, the more we should be living what we have been taugh and what we will teach to our students.  To be a living  example of discipline, humility,  integrity, intolorence, one who loves and respects  all life,  is at the pentacle of Martial Arts training.  It's not how much am I into the Martial Arts, but,  how much of
the Martial Arts is in me.
Sijo Glenn Luscher

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