Public "Danger Zone":

The following information highlights examples of safety precautions you can take to help protect yourself, your family and your property.

This list is not meant to be all encompassing. Moreover, a particular precaution may not be effective in all circumstances.

Good Elevator Sense:

If a person waiting for the elevator with you or someone already in the elevator makes you uneasy, donít get in.

If a person already in the elevator has not pushed a floor button, donít get off on your floor. Go back to the lobby and report the suspicious activity.

Stand near the control panel. If you are threatened or attacked, push the alarm immediately. Also push several floor buttons. With the doors opening at several floors, the attacker is less likely to succeed.

 If a person entering an elevator makes you uneasy, get off immediately.

Shop With Care:

Donít display large sums of cash in public. Be discreet about the money or other valuables you are carrying.

Be alert in public restrooms. If anything seems amiss or if a group of people is loitering in the area, leave quickly and find another facility.

Stay alert in crowds to protect your valuables. A thief can use the cover of the crowd to make a quick getaway after stealing your wallet or shopping bag.

Donít keep your keys in your purse. If your purse is stolen, the thief will have your address and keys to your home. Keep your keys in your pocket.

Try to park as close to the entrance of the mall or store as possible. In a parking garage, park on the level that leads directly to the mall, so you can avoid elevators or stairwells. Stay alert for people standing behind parked cars or pillars.

At night, park under a light whenever possible.

Consider using the mallís valet parking service, if it offers one.

Make a note of your parking spot so that you donít have to wander around the parking lot after shopping.

Find your keys before leaving the mall and walk purposely to your car. Make sure that no one is in the car before entering, and lock the doors immediately when you get inside.

If you are leaving a mall alone at night, request a security escort to your car.

Donít leave packages visible on the seats or floor of your car. Use the trunk, or hide purchases under a cover or blanket.