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Dr. Deepak Rao MD,MB,PhD, FRSH

 6th degree Black Belt & Founder

Advanced Commando Combat System(ACCS)

3rd degree Black Belt Instructor AMO,


 Unarmed Combat Methods (UACM) are the existing methods of training in many countries. This is rapidly losing popularity in the training academies of many countries.

 This old method of Hand to Hand Combat currently used by the Armed Forces world wide, is long outdated and has the following limitations-

 a)     UACM is situation based technique and assumes that the same situation will occur as in the drills.

b)     UACM assumes that the predetermined response can be learned and effected by the soldier, reflexly.

c)       UACM does not teach you range fighting, at different distances i.e. Kicking at long range,boxing at intermediate & wrestling and judo at close ranges.

d)     UACM is not flexible and adaptive, and assumes clockwork like movements from both the attacker and the defending soldier.

e)     UACM does not include modern techniques from the present day Martial arts like Taekwondo, Thai, Kick boxing, Filipino Kali, Wrestling, Judo, Aikido, Boxing etc.

 UACM is an old system which definitely needs replacement with modern combat     methods.

The useful techniques from the present day modern Martial art, have to be modified to suit the present day requirements in commando close quarter warfare.

 For this, techniques from various Martial arts have to be innovated and adapted to teach combat by no rules, no fixed technique and the soldier’s instincts have to be developed.

 He deserves to experience various situations and should be left free to instinctively find a technique in order to survive.

In the same situation a heavier and shorter man may use a different technique, and a taller and lighter man will use a different one.

 Thus teaching the use of a standard fixed technique to a recreated predetermined situation is not going to work as well as exposing a trainee to varying chaotic rough-houses where he has no other option but to find a technique to ensure his survival.

 Martial artists are constantly devising new methods for the armed forces, but they are

A)    either newer  adaptations of the same old UAC, or

B)    are newer versions of compartmentalized arts like Taekwondo, Judo etc

C)    mixtures of two or three martial arts.

An art devised for the Fighting forces has to be free of fixed technique, and user friendly, and should be very well researched for many years, among large numbers for usefulness.

Hand to hand Combat with or without weapons is very important in building tremendous aggression, self confidence and survival instincts in soldiers. Tremendous research by our academy has evolved a unique combat art tailor-made for Police and Defence Forces

ACCS refers to the Hand to Hand Combat Art we have specially developed for Commando Close Quarter Battle situations( developed by Dr Deepak Rao).

This art  is the result of extensive research and retrospectiion after training more than 10,000 uniformed personnel for over 10 years.

The Newer system we have devised, namely the Advanced Commando Combat System (ACCS) has the following features :

1)     Conventional Martial Arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Boxing and Wrestling are point-oriented sports, taught separately in a compartmentalized manner confuse the trainee about which technique can be used in an actual combat situation. There is a need to create insecurity, threat and aggression, to bring out the survival instincts in the trainees.

2)     In ACCS, combat is taught by clashing men together with taller, heavier, more aggressive opponents (at different ranges)

3)     By ACCS special drills, situations are created where one does not find time to think/use fixed technique but allows his animal survival instinct to find appropriate technique for the relevant situation thereby letting the mind go free, its own way.

4)     The only goal is effectivity, to terminate / handicap /cripple the opponent with the slightest effort.

5)     ACCS imbibes useful principles and foul tactics from all martial arts. It rejects the limitations and complicated techniques which need years of skill training.

The conclusion is simple, armed forces instructors must study the operational requirements of their force and accordingly devise newer drills to meet the situations. Rules must be broken and effectivity must be advocated. The art must constantly evolve. This is true freedom in the martial arts.


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