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The Ideal student of the Martial arts

Dr. Deepak Rao, Founder Advanced Commando Combat System,

6 th degree BlackBelt

Feb 2004

 In the pursuit of the arts, a student decides that he needs expertise in a particular field.

 He decides to give it all he’s got, if he needs it that badly.

 He decides to obtain the learning from an institution or a teacher.

 He selects the institution/teacher, the best of all available choices

 He decides to follow the teacher till he learns to a level of competence, decided by himself and his teacher.

 He forms an agreement in principle, that he will follow the ethics of the Teacher – student   relationship.

 The students priorities should be as follows:

Teacher first, Teaching next, Goal thereafter and Self  last. Forgetting these priorities will result in disaster.

 The unspoken ethics are those of  open mindedness, trust, obedience and commitment towards your own betterment..

 The student has to be open and keep aside   his preformed notions.

 Until the student is a novice, he is to trust  the Teachers word in the art, even if proved otherwise. (He is in no position to judge right or wrong!)

 The Teacher will always explain the subject in great detail, often thinking out aloud, the associated insecurities and complications of every alternative.

 The student may be put on a pedestal sitting on the same level as the teacher in order to teach the student how to think.

The student should not think less of such a teacher who treats him like an intelligent human being capable of understanding the reasons and the logic behind every decision.

 The teacher who allows questioning of  his concepts (which he follows with total reverence), is not uncertain or hesitant, but  has total conviction in his teaching and hence is open to debate. 

 The student should never fail to agree on matters backed up by strong logic. In the advent of being unable to accept the facts as they stand, He should confide in the Teacher, and confess his limitations and seek advice.

 Then the student must simply keep his mind aside and obey, as now the time for reasoning is over and the time for action is here.

 Once agreed in mind, the student must never act on impulse. This is a totally wasting the teachers efforts and is making a farce of the debate and a joke of oneself.

 If this occurs, the student must apologize and at once correct his action. He is to realize that he, the student is the benefactor of the teaching and not the Teacher.Such a student needs to clear his concepts, since he will not be able to progress without doing that. This has to be done all by oneself, without the Teachers help.

 At times, obedience and adherence to the decided path might result in a loss to the student. It is to be realized that this loss is incidental or is necessary for growth or for preserving ones loyalty to the teaching system.

The Teaching system is always more precious than the present objective. Since without the Teaching there will be no goal at all.

 The student must be totally committed in his efforts towards betterment. 

 And Teaching should always result in success fir the student and pride for the Teacher. A good Teacher can never be repaid, except by crediting the victory to his teachings.

 A Teacher who teaches with his heart, body and soul is never to be hurt, for there can never be any thing more despicable in the student Teacher relationship.

 The Teacher will always forgive, no matter what , if the student is truly prepared to honestly follow the ethics of the relationship.

 It is to be remembered that no relationship can equate the Teacher-student relationship, as this is a selfless relationship

where the student stands to win and the teacher only basks in another’s victory.   

 It is only when the Teaching is over, and the student  stands on his own, battling for victory, that the firm and reassuring support of the sheltering and protecting Teachers hand is most missed,

That is when one tries his best to rewind the casual words spoken with concern by his very dear Teacher.

 For at one time, your battles were his own. Then the realization dawns,  You were carefully held and carried through the then rough times!

And that is when you miss him the most  and you feel the  loneliest…..

 Inspired by Dr Seema, my ideal student of 19 years.

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