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Student Certificates

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Video Rank Exams

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instructor $50.00

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The American Martial Arts Organization is Proud to offer

Instructors can further enhance the international recognition for their students by issuing American Martial Arts Organization rank certificates and patches. These quality martial arts supplies are available to all members at a reasonably low cost. Membership and recognition are available to the student at no additional cost, but rank certification requires the purchase of our student certificates. Here students and instructors alike can show their support for the Organization by openly supporting and promoting our growth. At he same time, you will be demonstrating our recognition and support of your program by using our supplies. Martial artists who wear our patches and issue our certificates know that years of respect and honor from experienced martial arts masters stand behind them. Students and instructors who support the American Martial Arts Organization are not only members of a local school or program, but are respected members of the international martial arts community.


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